The Travel Apps Everyone Needs- Part 1

Travel Apps

The first in our 3 part series covering the most important travel apps

Here’s our first 5:


1- XE Currency

Whether you’re planning a trip and want to see how far your Pounds will stretch, or if you want to see if that gift in a shop is really as good a deal as it seems, XE Currency is by far the best currency converter app out there. With over 20 million downloads it has a range of different features- the best being it can be used even when not connected to the internet, using the last available exchange rate, perfect if you’re trying to avoid data roaming charges. Available for free on both ios & android.


Travel Apps

xchange by Dennis S Hurd on flickr (licence)

2- Airbnb

From the company that revolutionised holiday accommodation, the app is  essentially a mini version of the popular website. With well over 1.5 million places to stay in more than 190 countries you’ll never have to settle for an average hotel stay again and can live like a local staying in some really unique homes. Available for free on ios and android.

3- Google Translate

By far the best translation app out there. This packs a huge number of useful features meaning you’ll never be lost for words when travelling. You can talk directly into the app and it will translate your sentence into foreign audio, perfect for those situations where there’s no common language! Another great feature is the world lens tool where it translates foreign words that you point your phone’s camera at. Available for free on ios and android.

4- YPlan

One of the fastest growing tech startups of recent years, YPlan works on the premise that barely any events sell out ahead of time, and offers users the chance to grab tickets at last minute to a wide range of events. If you’re new in a city and want to try something different give YPlan a try. Currently only available in a small number of cities, its growth means it won’t be long before almost every major city is featured.

5- Whatsapp

Travel Apps

An essential app for any phone, regardless of whether you are travelling or not. Whatsapp goes from strength to strength and is singlehandly rendering the text message a thing of the past. A great way of keeping in touch with friends and family back home and sharing some cheeky snaps without incurring huge  data charges- just make sure you’re on wifi!


Do you have all of these travel apps? Any that you think we’ve missed? Look out for Part 2 coming soon and leave a comment below!




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