The Autumn Blockbuster Bringing Some Of Europe’s Finest Cities To Our Screens

This week sees the UK opening of Inferno, the movie adaptation of Dan Brown’s third book, penned in 2013. Tom Hanks reprises his role as Harvard symbology professor Robert Langdon, starring alongside Felicity Jones as Dr Sienna Brooks. The pair work together to save the world from a deadly plot. Enough of the story though, no spoilers here!


Based on the previous two films we can expect a fast paced film with a complex plot and some dramatic action sequences. All this set against a back-drop of some of Europe’s most attractive cities. If the trailer is s anything to go by this looks set to be one good-looking movie. Here’s a rundown of the main filming locations:



Inferno is set in the Tuscan capital and so it’s no surprise that much of the film’s action is set around this unique city. The opening sequence which also features in the main trailer is set the Bell Tower of Florence’s Badia Fiorentina Abbey.

Other promiment locations include the Bapistry of Saint John in front of Il Duomo and the monumental town hall of Palazzo Vecchio, as well as the Boboli Gardens and some ___ shots of the ___ Ponte Vecchio Bridge.

The film also introduces the mysterious passages of the Vasari Corridor, explored by Langdon on his quest. In the 15th century the Medici family ordered the construction of this evalated and enclosed passageway which connects the Palazzo Vecchio with their family residence, Palazzo Pitti; even crossing the Ponte Vecchio.

Inferno Film Location


Venice also plays a key role in the novel and filming took place in some of the cities most iconic locations. The grand canal, St Mark’s basillica and St Mark’s square all feature, as well as some ___ aerial shots.

Inferno Film Location



Much of the film’s studio production took place in Budapest, but the city also features in some much of the outdoor shots. Much of Budapest actually doubles as Italy in the film, as it offered more control during filming than the crowded Italian tourist hotspots. Main locations included Gutenberg Square and the area surrounding the citie’s Opera.

Inferno Film Location


The focal point of Inferno’s shots in Istanbul is the ___ Hagia Sophia which dominates the cityscape. Also featuring are the Basillica Cistern and some of the remaining walls from the ancient city of Constantinople. In general the aerial shots of Istanbul are some of the best in the movie and safety fears aside might inspire you to visit.

Inferno Film Location


Inferno opens in the UK on 14th October, watch the trailer here and leave us a comment below when you’ve been to see it!


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Inferno Film Location
The Autumn Blockbuster Bringing Some Of Europe’s Finest Cities To Our Screens
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